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Meredith Inherits a Noble Mien

Unveiling history,we will notice that bronze is taken as the symbol of power and honor both in the western countries,and in the orient.

Still hung in the hall centers of western royal courts,the bronze light fixtures,as a symbol of nobility, shine with noble sprit and character to pass on and light up the generations to come.

Meredith inherits the essence of light fixture design by western coppersmith families and the mien of wetern noble families, as well as integrates the modern American minimalism into the traditional life philosophy
of the Orient. Getting rid of the luxury details, Meredith emphasizes craftsmanship and develops a unique brand style with new philosophy and service.

With simple western design elements, extraordinary craftsmanship and sound service system, Meredith is committed to providing domestic high-end consumers with western classic bronze light fixtures and setting the trend of light fixtures in China.
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